agricultural real estate auctions in pa & md
agricultural real estate auctions in pa & md
agricultural real estate auctions in pa & md
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Real Estate & Liquidation Auctions in PA, MD & Mid-Atlantic Rejoin

“Serving With Integrity While exceeding Expectations”

Fisher Auctions is a real-estate centered auction company that has been serving the Mid-Atlantic area for many years and providing exceptional auction services. We are a proven real estate auction company that provides Integrity and professionalism while providing a high level of customer service. Fisher Auctions is a Christian base company and was formed with a vision to achieve maximum results for our clients. Whether it is real-estate, commercial liquidation, agricultural, downsizing, we have you covered. Fisher Auctions has been instrumental in implementing techniques in the real estate auction industry used today, while delivering exceptional results and setting the standards for the future.

Our Auction Services

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Commercial Liquidation

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Why Choose Fisher Auctions?

Full-Service Auction Co.

Fisher Auctions is a full-service auction company making it convenient for our clients as we work for you from beginning to end. Our goal is to use effective and high-quality marketing to make your sale visible and successful! We pride ourselves in our full-service company as we go beyond expectations, maximize your value or return, and see our clients the whole way through by giving our full attention to all the details.


Our auctioneers are experienced and well versed in real estate auctions, commercial & business liquidation, along with downsizing / estate auctions. It’s important to have a reputable auctioneer the day of your auction to make it a successful sale and our promise is that we will provide you with just that.

Works With You

From beginning to end, we believe in providing our clients with a comprehensive schedule and budget for your sale along with details on what they can expect from us on auction day! Our staff and auctioneers work hard to create a plan for Sale Day that is organized, efficient, and effective.

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